Guides and submission rules. [Read Before Posting]

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Notice Guides and submission rules. [Read Before Posting]

Post by MK Emaster on Mon 17 Aug 2009 - 11:21

Welcome to The Art Zone, feel free to submit whatever kind of Art you would like or good at, but please read these rules first.

Rules for Submission to be allowed:

1- Never Post other's work, even if you got permissions. The break of this rule is considered a copy right breaking, which can lead the submitter to be banned permanently!

2- Put all of your works in one single thread, with title like but not restricted: (Your name)'s Artworks.
this is to save space and maintain order, and by this way people can find all your artworks in one place.

3- Pornography is strictly prohibited, and no nudity paintings, sexual themed painting, and sexual poses. By obeying this the forum can be all-ages friendly.

4- Hentai isn't allowed too.

5- Paintings that are considered racist aren't allowed!

6- Copying or tracing other painting aren't allowed, we will catch soon enough

7- Photography is allowed but it must be a high quality picture and meaningful.
more will be added soon...
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