What is your regular MMORPG?

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Adorable What is your regular MMORPG?

Post by MK Emaster on Mon 5 Oct 2009 - 1:10

I played Runescape once and still playing it, and there are some games that I left like Hobo Wars and Worlds Quest. Some games I stopped playing it like Outspark's Fiesta, but still loving it!
Right now I'm playing Mafia wars on Facebook, kinda fun game!

What is your regular MMORPG? FFXII_Chibi_Wallpaper_by_lcibos
MK Emaster
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Adorable Re: What is your regular MMORPG?

Post by ODIN-THE DEATH on Wed 7 Oct 2009 - 11:43

well i'd like to say
Adventure Quest
actually all Artix Entertainment Games XD
and (it hafta be MMORPG or can it be just a MMO any type game?)
Dark Orbit (MMO Space Shooter)

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