What was your favorite retro game?

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WTH? What was your favorite retro game?

Post by MK Emaster on Mon 5 Oct 2009 - 1:06

So as the title says, what was your favorite retro game?
Mine are (in order):

1-SUPER MARIO BROS, the most populer game for everybody!

2-TETRIS PRO, who can deny how great they were in the Retro Age?

3-BOMBERMAAAN , Crazy nice Game!

4-KUNG FU MASTER, that was an epic game that I spent hours playing it!

MK Emaster
MK Emaster

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WTH? Re: What was your favorite retro game?

Post by ODIN-THE DEATH on Wed 7 Oct 2009 - 11:48

well number 1 for me is always gonna be Mario

2 Sonic

3 Zelda

4 Super Double Dragon

5 (doesn't have to be system to be retro XD) Dungeons and Dragons

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