Which Final Fantasy Had the Best Storyline?

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Default Which Final Fantasy Had the Best Storyline?

Post by MK Emaster on Thu 20 Aug 2009 - 4:43

I think the best FF with the best Storyline is FFXII, the characters are dramatic and the evil vs good factor is balanced, I mean nobody from the two sides is more important than the other in the game, all insignificance characters are also important for the storyline. The way the plot was introduced isn't really nice, but the way it ends is just perfect and Dramatic.

Which Final Fantasy Had the Best Storyline? FFXII_Chibi_Wallpaper_by_lcibos
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Default Re: Which Final Fantasy Had the Best Storyline?

Post by ODIN-THE DEATH on Sun 23 Aug 2009 - 9:33

i've beaten all final fantasy games from IV to IX for the PSX, X, X-2 (perfect ending XD), XII (once), I&II Dawn of Souls (GBA;both halves of the game), IV (GBA), V(GBA), VI(GBA) and i can honestly say that my fave is VII because of the storyline but i don't think it was the best storyline XD
i think the best storyline goes to Final Fantasy IX because there is a bunch of side events of the past on there that really make it interesting
mostly the Fratley & Freya past story XD and the fact the Zidane is a G-nome (i put the dash because that's the way u say it; not nome but Gee-nome XD)

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